My inspiration for Jon Hersey, Industrial Spy

This is the story about four American tourists vacationing in Italy evading three spies. The story is chronicled in a September 2011 travel journal.

Europe provides the backdrop for many great fiction and non-fiction espionage stories. So many spy stories adds up to a lot of characters. Extrapolating this logic leads one to believe that most Europeans at-least know someone in the spy business. And Italy provides the wonderfully famous locations: Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Tuscany, to name a few.

Three Italian women, wonderful Italian locals, and the “Exaggerated Tales of an Ordinary Guy” travel journal were on an unavoidable collision course. The spy triad with code names Ms Mad, Bored Lady, and Ghost Guide were weaved in and out of the journal record.


Ms Mad was first encountered behind a grocery market cash register. Her intense anger  shocked the tourists who did not have their apples weighed at the meat counter, did not pay for their grocery bags, and later bought bottled water with a large Euro bill. She must have thought only spies would use such odd tactics as part of their cover.

Bored Lady was bold. She asked to be seated by the tourists at one of Florence’s best ristorantes. She had mastered the skill of listening to the conversation at an adjoining table and completely ignoring her dinner partner.

Ghost Guide was shrewd and her disguise masterful. She exited against the rush of the crowd holding her tattered orange umbrella high in the air, as a marker for her tour group. She walked through the town square without any visible patrons, but there was a ghostly empty space that followed in her wake.

The journal record was 75% travel stuff and 25% spy spoof. The ratio of comments were the opposite—3:1 in favor of the spoof. A few friends suggested, a short story was an appropriate next step.

A career of manufacturing and industrial experience have become the settings for Jon Hersey – Industrial Spy. The writing style hints of business communication.

On the fun meter, writing the first book was exhilarating. Watching the reader count increase every day on the free e-book websites was thrilling.

The series is about Jon Hersey who battles terrorism on American soil. He must be a ghost to accomplish the goals of: culling terrorists from the company’s employees, maintaining employment, ensuring that products ship to the armed forces, and eliminating the shipments to the enemy.

Novel One was recently published in paperback and e-book. Available at,, and other internet book stores.

Novels two through six will soon be available in paperback and e-book formats. Coming soon to . Novels seven and eight are under construction.

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