Getting to Know Jon Hersey, Industrial Spy

Our DNA, parents, guardians, relatives, friends, circumstances, and choices influence us. When the right events and influential people collide, they alter the course of our lives. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. A good friend likes to say, “We are each given a threshold for big events (graduation, marriage, deaths, birth of children, tax audits, buying a first home, second marriage, etc.). Too many big events, or too many squeezed together, exceeds our threshold and will alter our behavior.” The strong-willed take action, and the weak are crushed.

Jon Hersey is the product of characteristics passed from his grandfather to his father: love and protect your family, value your friends, respect your elders, your word is your bond, give your employer your best efforts, you are responsible to make your world a better place, and always open doors for ladies. Life challenges Jon more frequently than most people.

Jon is a seven-pound, four-ounce baby born on June 26, 1983, when his parents, Carter and Evelyn Hersey, accept a transfer to Waterbury, Connecticut. Evelyn is a stay-at-home mom that graciously dedicates her life to Carter, Jon, and later Matthew. Carter works the day shift as a supervisor for a milling equipment manufacturer. His evenings are spent with his two sons tutoring, helping with homework, checking on chores, coaching sports, and reading.

Matthew Digettes, the diminutive new kid, is a self-confident, mental giant. Jon ten, and Matthew nine, become instant friends. Over a couple years, Matthew passes his gifts for observation, statistics, trends, and drawing conclusions onto Jon.

Tragedy targets Jon, within a few years he lost his best friend, Matthew Digettes, to a drunk driver; his brother Matthew, to a hit-and-run driver; his parents in a bus accident; and his soul mate Alissa to cancer. Jon feels an overwhelming sense of loss and responsibility—“he should have been there to protect each of them.”

Waiting for the universe to decide when he has suffered enough, Jon meets Daryl Alexander and takes a job with a small secret organization fighting terrorism on American soil. In his mind he is making the world a better place and paying for the guilt he harbors for not protecting his loved ones.

Jon Hersey, industrial spy, is a collage of people, events, stories, and hopes. He is determined to fight terrorism using all the skills, traits, and drive he has been given by Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Matthew, Alissa, Daryl, and Leo N. Ardo, until the universe says it’s okay to rest.

Leo N. Ardo


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