Diverse Group Enjoys Jon Hersey – Industrial Spy series.

Authoring a book for the first time has its own set of difficulties and directs a new author’s priorities toward9781475951783_COVER.indd finishing a well-written book. Honestly, Jon Hersey – Industrial Spy was written without any thought as to who would read it. The story was top priority.

Jon Hersey – Industrial Spy series has a diverse audience. The result of hundreds of free copies given to male and female readers, ages 13 to 80+, indicates all gender/age groups enjoy the books.

It is a lifestyle choice. Jon Hersey readers like to read, visualize, anticipate, and be satisfied in one to two hours. They are readers with busy schedules and cherish the brief escape: as their young children nap, during flight schedules and layovers, or between appointments and meetings.

Jon Hersey readers are also mystery buffs.

Each new adventure is an easy-to-read short story where every word counts. A short story only has room to reveal something about the character or the story.

Jon Hersey readers enjoy knowing the main characters and learning more about Jon, Peter, and Daryl with each story. Anticipation adds spice to the first meeting of the villain, or villainess. (It’s true, Leo N Ardo is an equal opportunity writer.)

Leo N Ardo



Hoping life blesses you with good stories!


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