About the Book

Jon Hersey would not have met Paul Tyler if it was not for his soul mate, Alissa. As a successful business analyst with a reputation for saving deals from disaster, Jon is content working for Paul’s company Biz Planners LLC. But, when Alissa suddenly dies from cancer, Jon feels very alone.

A few months later, as he waits for a flight to Dallas in a concourse coffee bar, Jon knows he needs something new, fresh, and exciting to provide relief from the agony of Alissa’a death. When business consultant, Daryl Alexander sits next to him and strikes up a conversation, Jon begins to think that maybe his wish has been granted. Jon soon discovers that his talent and Navy SEAL training has made him an attractive candidate for Daryl’s employer, Zeta Consulting group, a secret organization known only to six people. As it turns out, Zeta Consulting Group knows more about Jon than he ever imagined.



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